We work hard so you can
take it easy

We combine the plant you love with the convenience you crave: the essence of high

pure form

Super tasty, no fillers or thinning agents ever, notice its clarity


No lingering smells or ash. This is cannabis, redefined for a healthier generation


The high you want with the flavor you love. Consistency guaranteed

controlled high

Fast acting and easily controllable with 1.5 sec inhales. This is cannabis, on your terms

The original lineup with high THC and minimal CBD. Perfect for day highs and social events

Do you prefer a little more CBD? Try our new 1:1 CBD to THC ratio in the same great blends

Made From Nature, For You

We craft our products with cannabis grown by small farmers on the sun-lit hills of Northern California because you deserve the best 

Life is stressful. Our 15:1 CBD to THC ratio calms the mind and helps you focus on what’s important: you

go halara

"The oil is outstanding. Very smooth, crisp and clean. It paired well with carnitas street tacos and South Park Christmas episodes. I would definitely buy this product."
Because I lost everything in the Tubbs fire I tend to stay away when there's wind or during fire season. I guess it's anxiety I don't know. I hate to put a name on it. Well the other night during strong winds I smoked your CBD. I noticed at 9:45 there was a fire in Geyserville. Typically I would have been up all night worried and checking fire info. That night I smoked your CBD and slept through the night. So in my opinion for pain and anxiety your product works like a charm. I love it
Some of our basketball friends
If more cartridges tasted like this at dispensaries we would actually go to them
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Having issues with your Halara cartridge? Give us a call and we’ll fix you right up: 707.791.7443 

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