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We are the proud producers of the best cannabis concentrate in California. Unlike most brands, our cannabis is personally extracted in-house. Halara brings you the purest form of cannabis with unparalleled smoothness crafted by us, Malcolm, Travis & Nick.

We are three chemical engineers who dreamed of partnering with local farmers who live & breathe cannabis (literally) to make the highest quality products in California.

We at halara know that cannabis is more than a plant – it’s an experience.

We want to make yours the best yet.

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Halara was founded & registered as a Benefit Corporation of California. This means Halara goes beyond the goals of a traditional corporation by placing the importance of having a positive impact on the public & the environment over simple profit maximization.

Working with non-profit partners & and our community, we work to preserve & protect nature and seek to do good with this amazing plant.

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At Halara, one of our highest callings is removing the harmful cloud of stigma associated with this complex little plant. We believe this stigma can be best engaged with by providing accessible and factual information: research that’s not fueled by political interests or marketing bullshit.

As chemical engineers, we commit ourselves to providing lovers of Halara & cannabis with cutting-edge news & articles on all things cannabis so you can deepen your understanding of this wonderful plant.

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