our story starts with our mutual
love for cannabis

Our professor sparked the idea for halara while joking about cannabis during our extraction class. Later, in the study lounge we realized this is what we really wanted to do with our lives so we decided to see how far we could take this idea.

Together, we redesigned what a cartridge should be like using our engineering training. The outcome? A cartridge that’s smooth, clear and flavorful. And we’re just getting started


We started halara with the belief that people wanted a cartridge so smooth they didn’t have to cough

confidently clear

Trying is believing. Give our cartridges a shot, and if it’s not the best high you’ve had, we’ll take it back—no questions asked

nature made

No artificial additives. Just cannabis redefined for a new, healthier, generation. It’s that simple.

Our journey is just beginning. Here are some of our favorite moments so far:

Aug '18 - move to california

We moved from Minnesota to California in 2018 right after graduating from the University of Minnesota with degrees in chemical engineering. We settled in Santa Rosa, the southern tip of the Emerald Triangle. Here is a rare peek into our garage bedroom when we initially arrived since we weren’t able to find a house right away… Don’t all great startups originate in the garage? 

Dec '19 - build out

Our friends and community lent us the tools and helped us build our facility on nights and weekends. When friends visited, they inevitably ended up hanging drywall or painting. We’re thankful for our community, we wouldn’t be here without them.

Dec '20 - finally doing it

It took two years to get our official license, but now we are open for business! These days our lab is our second home. Our goal is to restore our collective mental health by helping people take it easy for a moment. When you see us at a vendor day – come talk to us! Or find our cartridges in a dispensary near you.

curious about what's in a cartridge, and how they're made?


we’re on a mission to reinvent cannabis for a new generation. 

quit your day job and join the team!