Sun Grown
Hand Distilled
Third Party Certified

Naturally Inspired, Dynamically Distilled

We source directly from farmers because we believe supporting small farmers is integral to preserving the culture and innovation in this industry.

our four step process simplified

Soaking the Plant

The plant is soaked in a mixture of propane and butane to remove the ‘full spectrum’ of cannabinoids and terpenes from the plant. Similar to how people decaffeinate coffee beans, the cannabinoids and terpenes dissolve into the solvents.

We use high grade hydrocarbon solvents (propane/butane) for product purity.  Propane and butane are regarded in our industry as some of the premier solvents due to their efficiency and ability to produce products with the most flavor.

Removing the solvent

The residual solvent is then boiled off leaving the cannabinoids, terpenes and organic compounds such as chlorophyl or fats.

This mixture is called ‘oleoresin’ and resembles molasses. The oleoresin is tested to ensure all of the solvent has been removed before continuing through the process.

remove plant fats

This part is pretty cool to see. The plant fats and color compounds that contribute the dark brown color of the oleoresin are cold filtered out.

The plant fats come out looking brown chalk (see the picture). Plant fats like this are used in face lotions as a plant derived moisturizer. It also has a very sweet taste and smell. 


Next step is the distillation. For those new to the process: picture this similar to distilling whiskeys or other alcohols. We use heat to separate out the different components based on their boiling points. This allows us to give you a consistent product with just the compounds that elevate your experience while removing those that don’t. 

You might notice a clearer, lighter-colored product in our cartridges. It’s not easy to come by; it reflects our craft, our engineering and our dedication.

lab certification

At the final step, we have a third party lab test our products before we dispense it into cartridges for you.

We are proud of our product quality and believe in an educated consumer! That’s why we print the test results on the package for you to see.